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The Road of Ishin
Kogoro and Ikumatsu
Sonno-Joi Movement
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The youth in the strife-torntime."Kogoro and Ikumatsu"
At that time there were a lot of licensed quarters like Shimabara and Gion in Kyoto, and there were many royalists who fell in love with geisya.
A typical couple was Katsura-Kogoro (Kido-Takayoshi after-wards) and the geisha Ikumatsu.
Since Ikumatsu gave refuge to Kogoro, who was wanted by the Shogunate, love began between them, and they safely entered the Restoration as a married couple.
Kogoro and Ikumatsu
The period of assassination."Some Samurai in The Event at Ikedaya"
Ikedaya A large number of samurai were assassinated in the last ten years of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
The event at the inn Ikedaya is a very famous one, where the assassination was executed by Shinsengumi, a group of samurai specializing in guarding and assassinating.
Among the victims were Yoshida-Toshimaro of the Choshu clan, Miyabe-Teizo of the Higo clan, and many other promising samurai.
The Talent of the Choshu clan, and the Incident of Kinmon
Kyoto on fire
The Choshu clan was the leader of the Restoration campaign.
In crowds, they fought against the Shogunate at Hamaguri-Gomon. This battle was so violent that 811 towns in Kyoto, that is, more than 30,000 houses, were burned down.
In the fight the Choshu troops, commanded by Maki-Izuminokami from the Kurume clan, were devastated losing able samurai: Kusaka-Gensui, Kurushima-Matabe, Irie-Kui chi, and Terashima-Chuzaburo.
The Incident of Kinmon

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